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Orders, kitchen, and inventory management

Get any version of our online point-of-sale system and we automate your orders, kitchen sequence, and inventory.

Add-on accounting & export

You can now receive accounting reports from your point-of-sale system.

Add-on payroll & HR

We help you track how much to pay your team, even if you want a commission based system with bonuses, we do it on the fly.

How we help you save 3% on card purchases and more

Start accepting QR Pay

Your restaurant will have a QR code included in your system effective March 1st 2023. CaribPay and CuminPay account holders will be able to pay you directly into your account with a 0.5% fee.

Start doing your own deliveries

If you've ever wanted to start a ghost kitchen, accept online orders, or do your own deliveries, we have a system built-in to tackle that.

Flat, predictable pricing

All restaurants pay $50 USD ($135 XCD) a month on our software. All add-ons and training are one-time costs.

CuminPOS Merchant Programs

Start running your restaurant with confidence. Start your own loyalty program, issue and print loyalty cards, or get a CaribPay wallet for your employees and pay them without the need for a bank account!

Get an employee-only website with all these included benefits!

Manage multiple restaurants

Register your other restaurants’ details with location configuration.

Attract with coupons

Create specific coupons for users to attract more customers.

Product listing

List menu items items, assign tables and sell directly to your hungry customers.

Accounting reports

Receive transaction and settlement reports directly.

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